8 03, 2015

Homemade Tonic Water Recipe

March 8th, 2015|Cocktail Recipes, Recipes|0 Comments|

Homemade Tonic with a Sous Vide Twist

By: Steven Rodia


Some of the new boutique tonics on the market are very tasty, but they can also be very expensive.  One of my favorites happens to be a concentrate that you need to dilute with club soda.  What I’ve included below is an adapted version of a recipe that I first read about on Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s blog.  I lowered the level of cinchona bark in a effort to avoid any toxicity concerns.  The end result is a delicious tonic concentrate that you can add to [...]

15 02, 2015

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Bourbon Review

February 15th, 2015|Spirit Reviews|0 Comments|


By: Steven Rodia

Proof:  112.8 Proof (56.4% ABV), No Age Statement (Blended from 6, 8, and 12 year old whiskies)

Rating: 5 Barrels (5 out of 5)

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is a mix of 6, 8, and 12 year casks and is bottled at barrel proof.  In Japan, the bottle I found was marked at 112.8 proof and had a slightly smaller bottle containing 700ml, instead of the US 750ml.  This bottle is from the new batch of Rare Breed.  The previous bottle looked [...]

20 01, 2015

Nomiku Sous Vide Bitters Recipes

January 20th, 2015|Cocktail Recipes, Recipes|0 Comments|


Sous Vide Bitters

By: Steven Rodia


Last year, I discovered the Nomiku immersion circulator while reading a story from Chef Chris Consentino.  The simple-to-use device cooks food sous vide, or under vacuum, in a sealed bag at a controlled temperature.  One of the big benefits is that you can cook meats, vegetables, and even things like cocktail additives without losing any of the moisture associated with traditional cooking methods.  Because this method surrounds the food with a water bath at a constant temperature, you’re able to cook items consistently and evenly throughout.  You are also free to place herbs and [...]

4 01, 2015

Nikka Coffey Grain Japanese Whisky Review

January 4th, 2015|Spirit Reviews|0 Comments|


By: Steven Rodia

Proof:  90Proof (45% ABV), No Age Statement (Generally aged between 8-12 years)

Rating: 4 Barrels (4 out of 5)

Produced in Nikka’s Miyagikyo location, this whisky was distilled using a Coffey still imported from Scotland in the early 1960’s.  Coffey stills are said to give the flavors of a whisky more character than the modern continuous still can impart.  The grain used in the mash bill is mostly corn with a small amount of barley.  Normally, this type of grain whisky would be used to round-out blends, [...]

24 03, 2014

Specialty Meat Online Purveyor Review

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Specialty Meat Online Purveyor Review

Finding Great Meat In Cyberspace

By: Steve Rodia

Late last year, I found myself in a strange predicament.  I wanted to send some nice aged steaks or other specialty meat to a foodie friend across the country for a gift, but I had no idea which of the purveyors would deliver a quality product.  My first instinct was to check the internet for the best option.  After typing in “specialty meat online” into Google and pressing Enter, I admit I was completely overwhelmed by the search results.  More importantly, I realized that [...]

23 03, 2014

Angel’s Envy Whiskey Dinner

March 23rd, 2014|Events|0 Comments|

Angels-Envy-Poster_Digital Small 

Picture this…You’re enjoying a sip of an award winning whiskey while sampling the best seasonally fresh farm-to-table cuisine that the South has to offer in a factory that builds the most exotic motorcycles in the United States.  No, you’re not dreaming, you’re just at the next Fork & Stave whiskey dinner in Birmingham! 

To purchase tickets to this limited seating event, please visit the following LINK


AE Dinner Menu

Here are the details:

On April, 24th, Angel’s Envy whiskey and Fork & Stave will [...]

23 03, 2014

Chipotle & Orange Seared Sirloin with Potato & Black Eyed Pea Salad

March 23rd, 2014|Recipes|0 Comments|

This recipe comes to Fork & Stave from Birmingham’s own Dan Gavin.  Dan’s Instagram feed (@iamdangavin) is filled with amazing pictures of his culinary creations.  In the following recipe, he utilizes fresh ingredients to produce a meal with an outstanding depth of flavor. 

DG Steak

Chipotle & Orange Seared Sirloin with Potato & Black Eyed Pea Salad

By: Dan Gavin

8-10 Petite Red Potatoes Cubed
2 Top Sirloin Steaks
1 Cup Black Eyed Peas (Fresh)
1 Tbs Brown Mustard Seeds
4 Tbs Coconut Oil
2 Tbs Champagne Vinegar
1 Tbs Hot Honey Mustard or Dijon
Chipotle [...]

11 02, 2014

FEW Spirits Rye Whiskey Review

February 11th, 2014|Spirit Reviews|0 Comments|


 By: Fork & Stave

Proof:  93 Proof (46.5% ABV), Aged “Less than four years”

Rating: 4 Barrels (4 out of 5)

While I’m not able to purchase it in my local market yet, I was able to get my hands on a sample of FEW Spirits Rye Whiskey release.  Whisky Advocate’s 2013 Craft Whiskey of the Year wears a very sharp embossed paper label depicting the fountain outside the Chicago World’s Fair.  Born of a small craft distillery in Evanston, IL, at the hands of Paul Hletko, FEW Rye Whiskey also [...]

4 01, 2014

Widow Jane Special Release Bourbon Trio Review

January 4th, 2014|Spirit Reviews|0 Comments|


Widow Jane Special Release Bourbon Trio

By: Fork & Stave

Proof:  91 Proof (45.5% ABV), No Age Statement

I returned from our Winter vacation to find the nicest of care packages waiting at the office.  Widow Jane was kind enough to send me samples of their Wapsie Valley, Bloody Butcher, and Bloody Butcher High Rye bourbons for review.  You’ll recall that I reviewed their 7 year bourbon and rye whiskey in 2013.  Following the early reviews, Widow Jane’s bourbon was selected as GQ’s number one bourbon for National Bourbon Day.  [...]

25 12, 2013

Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon Review

December 25th, 2013|Spirit Reviews|0 Comments|


Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon Review

By: Fork & Stave

Proof:  100 Proof (50% ABV), No Age Statement

Rating: 4 Barrels (4 out of 5)

Difficult to find in many markets, Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon is not a whiskey that I had the opportunity to try until early this year.  I’ll admit, the bottle caught my eye and was what prompted me to look into the source of this bourbon before my purchase.  It may surprise some readers that this bourbon has [...]